TAction Creator

TAction Creator combined with the tactile products offered by Engineering Acoustics, Inc. offers a versatile graphical user interface for designing and testing tactor patterns.

TActions are “tactile actions” which are combinations of tactor spatio temporal patterns. These patterns are similar to visual icons and allow you to develop TAction components with a high level of abstraction. TActions can be user-authored or one of our standard patterns. Once a TAction has been created, it can be combined and used together with other TActions or your own application code. This facilitates the design of complex tactile array display elements including tactile parameters that are conducive to tactile illusionary sensations. Each TAction can contain over 100 Actions for the tactile hardware to process with precise timing precision. With TAction Creator and its intuitive WYSIWYG design, creating patterns and cues is as simple as dragging and dropping actions onto a timeline.

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