About Engineering Acoustics, Inc.

Engineering Acoustics, Inc. (EAI) is a technology leader in the development and application of human-centric vibrotactile and haptic systems for defense, entertainment, simulation and training, aviation and healthcare applications. We also design and manufacture specialist underwater and down-hole acoustic transducers for the geophysical and oceanography industry.

Our team of engineers, scientists and technicians have performed basic and applied research, and product development, for a wide range of military, research and commercial customers, and our products are used world-wide. With closely integrated R&D and in-house manufacturing, we provide quality products and innovative solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs.


Gary Zets

Gary A. Zets
CEO / President
Gary has been responsible for the design and manufacture of a wide variety of transducers and related electronic and mechanical systems for underwater acoustic and biomedical applications. He heads EAI’s efforts in the design and manufacture of tactile transducers, displays and associated electronics for military, biomedical, commercial and consumer applications, and has been responsible for finding new and novel applications for tactile technology, working with researchers and entrepreneurs worldwide to bring these concepts to reality.

Bruce Mortimer

Bruce J.P. Mortimer, PhD
Director of Research & Development
Bruce has extensive experience in both theoretical, academic and practical aspects of instrumentation, ultrasonics and acoustics, and leads EAI’s engineering, human factors and psychophysical efforts in vibrotactile transducers. He holds multiple US patents and patent applications related to medical applications of tactile displays. Bruce is experienced in biomedical devices, clinical studies, sensory integration, instrumentation, embedded systems, ultrasonics, acoustics and haptics.

Chris Dailey

Chris M. Dailey
Director of Development & Operations
Chris got their start in software development by first focusing on the gaming industry. With an eye for real-time interaction and human-in-the-loop experiences, the bridge to haptics made complete sense when they joined EAI in 2011. Their role with EAI and eaiHaptics ranges from the developing software behind the tactile experiences, down to some of the low-level firmware and hardware of controllers themselves. They also handle tasks all the way up to systems administration. Being involved at every step of the production process allows Chris to remain focused on customer’s needs.

Greg DeNunzio

Gregory R. DeNunzio
Production Manager
Greg has a background in mechanical engineering and is responsible for the management of our production facilities. He has direct experience in the design of wearable components, ergonomics, textiles, flexible electronics and smart-manufacturing. Greg manages a diverse team of engineers and technicians who are involved in product development, manufacture, quality control, testing and delivery.

Brian Altenbernd

Brian J. Altenbernd
Product Manager
Brian has a background in mechanical engineering design and analysis for multiple R&D and product development projects. He oversees the quality control of haptic and acoustic products. Brian is our direct liaison with customers to ensure specification and requirement are understood and met, and assists in customizing products for customer’s applications.