Interfaces for the Tactor Development Kit (TDK)

EAI can provide extensions or custom builds for the Tactor Development Kit (TDK) to be able to work on many of the platforms you're already familiar with.

The TDK interface for Matlab is a set of functions that integrate the TDK for use with Matlab.

TDK for the NBS's Presentation ® platform. Please see the NeuroBehavioral Systems website for more information about the Presentation® software.

TDK for Linux! We will custom build a set of shared objects for you to use in your Linux application. We will need to know the name and version of your distro, as well as the version of gcc you're using.

System requirements:
Windows 10
Matlab (64-bit) version 2016 or newer

DLL interface for TDK-API
Example code
Matlab Figure UI to connect and fire Tactors