K2-PT Calibrator

The Model K2-PT Hydrophone Calibrator allows rapid and precise calibration of a wide variety of hydrophones as a function of pressure and temperature. This bench-top system has the capability of making measurements previously available at U.S. Navy Calibration Facilities and, with calibration of the pressure and temperature monitors, the system can be used as part of an ISO 9001 or other qualified Q.A. program.

The K2-PT Calibrator comprises an instrumented, water-filled pressure vessel with integral acoustic projector and quick release closure, and a pressure/temperature control panel. The system enables measurement of the pressure sensitivity of hydrophones under controlled conditions of sound pressure level, frequency, temperature and pressure. An acoustic standing wave is generated in the water column within the pressure vessel by a piezoelectric piston projector integrated in the base of the vessel. The resulting uniform sound field allows sensitivity measurements to be made by comparison method to a calibrated reference hydrophone or by reciprocity methods.