MRI PiezoTac Tactors

The MRI PiezoTac tactor system comprises of a special piezoelectric tactor and custom controller that have been designed for potential use in high magnetic field environments. The PiezoTac MRI Tactor is made from non-magnetic materials and can be user-certified for MRI use.

The PiezoTac MRI Tactor is a linear actuator that has been optimized for use against the skin. The PiezoTac Tactor incorporates a moving “contactor” mounted on a shielded cantilever that is lightly preloaded against the skin. When an electrical signal is applied, the cantilever vibrates and the contactor oscillates perpendicular to the skin. The PiezoTac provides a strong point-like sensation that is easily felt and localized.
The PiezoTac has a low Q mechanical resonance at about the 300-350 Hz range. The device is operated below the mechanical resonance and has a very wide operational bandwidth. The PiezoTac’s high force and displacement level allow the vibration to be easily felt at all locations on the body, even through thin layers of clothing.
The PiezoTac MRI Controller has been designed to drive up to 4 PiezoTac tactors using the TDK interface. Serial and USB connection options are available. The controller incorporates electrical filtering to minimize EMI. The controller contains magnetic components and must be located outside of any magnetic field. A non-magnetic cable and in-line filters are used to connect to the PiezoTac tactors.
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